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10/3/2014 I had just wanted to thank you for creating this website and how well it prepared me in taking the NCE. In preparing for this exam I had explored every avenue to obtain a high score, and with the help of this website it put me far above the marks for passing the exam. Thank you for creating this site!!
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10/3/2014 Dr. Hutchinson, Just a word of thanks for the inspiration, and all your help in the past month. I passed the NCE exam today.Thanks for all you do in helping others. You are appreciated.
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3/20/2019 Hi Thank you for providing a comprehensive study guide for the NCMHCE. I studied religiously and passed the exam on my first try. I would recommend this site for anyone preparing to take this exam. Thank you!
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11/15/2018 I passed NCE today!!!!!! although I had to take it several times, but this was due to me not buckling down and studying but once I did and use the mini-quizzes and study guides for at least 2 hours a day , attributed to me passing this time!!!! Thank you, now on to the MHSP!!!!
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11/7/2018 I passed! Thank you!
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5/28/2018 Just wanted to Say I Passed my examine Today!!!!
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