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I just wanted to let you know that I passed. I was the only one taking the exam that day for which I was grateful. When I pressed the button and passed, the guy wondered if I was crying because I was happy. Whoopee! It's done. Now I can get to my golfing. Thank you Linton. Your site was fun!
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Just to let you know I PASSED the LPC exam that I took on 13 Apr & want to thank you so much for your help. The study site is very helpful & have passed the idea on to some of my co-workers. THANK YOU for encouragement also.
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Just letting you know I passed the exam. I could not have done it without your program. Thank you and continued success with your site.
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I was fortunate enough to stumble upon your website and know it is the reason I passed! Yippee! Definitely the exam tips and secrets of passing were extremely helpful. It was not so much the questions themselves but the format and understanding the way the questions would be presented that was so useful to me. Thank you!
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Hi Linton, I just wanted to tell you I used your website for both the LPC and LCPC-I passed both of them on the first try. I truely believe in your website and would not have passed without it. The simulations in particular were so helpful-not only to learn the material properly, but being able to familiarize myself with the format of the test alleviated a lot of anxiety for me. Your daily inspirations and reminders were an unexpected but very appreciated part of the experience. Thanks for doing what you do-I am spreading the word! It really was "all in there!"
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I had just wanted to thank you for creating this website and how well it prepared me in taking the NCE. In preparing for this exam I had explored every avenue to obtain a high score, and with the help of this website it put me far above the marks for passing the exam. Thank you for creating this site!!
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Dr. Hutchinson, Just a word of thanks for the inspiration, and all your help in the past month. I passed the NCE exam today.Thanks for all you do in helping others. You are appreciated.
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I passed my test!!!!Thanks for all your support!
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Just wanted to Say I Passed my examine Today!!!!
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I passed!!! Thank you for your help. I appreciate the practice with all the exams!
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