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I Passed my NCE exam this morning!! Thanks for putting together such an awesome resource!! You Rock!!

I wanted to write a short note of appreciation and gratitude. Thank you Linton and Staff for affording me the skills info resources and encouragement to pass the NCE down here in Texas. I took your training through the NCMHCE in Florida to Licensure. Texas being different(???) would not grant me Licensure reciprocity without the NCE. I was concerned because practice exams were not going well however on THE DAY...you were right again...it was in there. The test was rigorous and 88 out of 160 was passing!!! With your help I scored 113/160 :))

Thanks for the great study materials. Will be back for the NCMHCE in about a year. :)

Woo-Hoo! Passed the NCE with a score of 139, needed 87! The practice test section of your study tools was especially helpful. The immediate feedback on whether the answer was correct or not is an excellent way for me to learn. I will soon begin studying for the NCMHCE.

This is Joshua Holloway! Sir I just wanted to write to let you know that I PASSED! Thank you so much! The program was hugely helpful! I used your online program as well as Dr. Rosenthal, both of you guys recommended one another and both where hugely helpful!

I passed the NCMHCE today!!!! I thank God and thank you for the excellent prep you provide. I passed the NCE using your materials, and then ordered NCMHCE materials. I had much less time to devote to this second exam, and I have not truly practiced in a clinical diagnosing situation. This said, I paid attention to the report you gave of the importance of a strategy. I used your tips and did very, very well. I was really so happy because I had less hours of study under my belt going into this exam than I did for the NCE. Anyway, your materials are solid gold, and I recommend them to anyone who wants to pass the NCMHCE. There is no way I would have passed without them. I used both the study guide and online materials. I also got one (1) set of CD's, however, I only listened to one due to time constraints. Toward the end of my days of study I completed some scenarios, opened the "gotta know" emails and from time to time opened the "inspiration" emails. They really make a difference because they address the feelings of "I am too far behind", "this is too overwhelming in terms of amount of information", "I don't know where to start or to pick up again", and "I should have studied more by now." Your inspiration was just what I needed to move forward.

I work full time, am married and have two teenagers. I signed up on this site 9 weeks prior to taking the exam and have not been exposed to the theories and detailed technical terms that I learned from my Master's graduation in 2011. I do work full time as a Mobile Mental Health therapist with kids and Autistic adults. My company evaluates the kids apart from me. I write the treatment plans. I say all this to explain that I used the site as much as I could, but often did not even get the 100% in and never made it past the 50% mark. I stopped studying the 10 days prior to my test and resigned myself to take advantage of your guarantee. I expected to fail on Saturday. When I got into the test room, I forgot all my pneumonic devices and resorted to simply writing out the testing tips which you provided. It took me almost the full two hours as I read the questions out loud. To my shock, I passed. Please use this testimonial and feel free to call me. I am recommending you to everyone I can. Thanks a ton... off to apply for my LPC now.

I passed the NCE on June 9, 2017 after my third attempt. I used the materials from this website for both the second and third attempts. I must say that the website is amazing and the questions on the practice exams and quizzes were extremely similar to the actual questions on the exam. I talked personally with Linton on the phone when I had some questions and I had a pleasant experience.The content and format of the quizzes and flashcards certainly helped me prepare for the exam, thank you guys, this website is amazing.

Thanks I received your information but I had already signed up for your 7 day course only had time to use it for approximately 3 to 4 days. It is now the day after the exams and I have passed. I did do another on line course and when I took your practice exam and panicked. So I signed up: I felt comfortable in the exam as the format was not strange to me because of your prep course. Strongly recommended by me. Thanks.

I just wanted to send a thank you for extending my membership. I passed the test today!! Thanks again!
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