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I graduate with my Masters in MHC this September; however, I was able to take the NCE on April 18 (2015) due to Capella's CACREP accreditation. I purchased your book/cd set and studied for about 5 months....I listened to the CD's during my commute to my Practicum site and studied the book for about 1-2 hours per day. I made 700 flashcards and quizzed myself during my morning walks. I also utilized Dr. Linton Hutchinson's subscription (one month) to practice taking tests....I was calm the day of the test, but blindsided when I opened the booklet. It was brutal!! I felt like I had for sure failed....I had to wait an agonizing 8 weeks to receive my score and I PASSED!!!! In fact, I had 22 correct answers to spare!! Thank-you! An enormous weight has been lifted off my shoulders

THANK YOU,THANK YOU, THANK YOU Dr. Hutchinson ! I passed the NCE on the first try with a score of 121/160. I subscribed for 1 month before my exam and I was very prepared. Your practice exams were much much harder than the actual exam questions, so I was very confident while taking the exam. This was my second experience with your website, I subscribed in 2012 to take the EMAC ( Exam for Master Addiction Counselor), which I passed as well and I am now dually licensed thanks in part to you. This tool is a Godsend. I so appreciate you and will recommend your websites to any and everyone who will listen!! Again, THANKS SO VERY MUCH!!!!

I passed the NCE on April 17, 2015. This site was very helpful because the questions that are on this site are very similar to the questions on the NCE. I recommend this site to any and everyone.
Frederick (Fritz)

I just wanted to leave feedback about this site. I graduated school two years ago and have not worked in the field since the birth of my son right after graduation. I procrastinated taking the NCE because I felt that I was nowhere ready. I finally just had to suck it up and schedule a date. I used different study material at first, and then 30 days before my exam, I signed up on this site. I feel that this site was a great asset in helping me prepare for the exam. I took the exam and passed with a 120/160 and all I needed to pass was a 93/160.

Used the 1-Day Access with no prior studying and passed the NCE!

Hello, I just want to leave a message letting everyone know I passed the NCE. First of all, thanks to Jesus, this website, and Howard Rosenthal's encyclopedia and cd's I passed. I needed a 93 to pass and I actually scored 107 out of 160. I'm so happy and pleased. I think know how to narrow down your answer choices and make educated guesses if you don't know an answer is very important. Thanks for this awesome website!!!

This site greatly contributed to passing the exam. What makes it so helpful is it presents the material in a similar manner as the NCE exam so you learn the content and become familiar with the format of the test. Thanks and regards!

Thank you so much for making this website available. I used the text messaging daily questions and took practice exams until I got 80%-100% on most of the questions. Have the mini practice exams was extremely helpful. They boosted my confidence, gave me a point of reference, and showed me just how much content I needed to review and learn. I used two books also, Rosenthal and Helwig on a regular basis. I also studied between these three resources as my sole study guides. I did pass the NCE on the first go round, and I was super delighted. Thank you a thousand times. Anita

I passed the NCE today! Site was very helpful.

Just wanted to let you know that I found your website EXTREMELY helpful in getting a passing score on the NCE. I actually found the exam to be quite difficult, even though I only took three hours. I think it would be good advice to people that if they feel "done", they should be done. For me, I always make the most mistakes when I overwork a question and think too hard about it. Often, your gut instinct is a good one. I got a 126 out of 160, and I was initially panicked, but then I saw that the actual passing score was very low - between 85 and 90. So I passed! The practice tests covered a LOT of what was on the exam. Lots of tricky questions about group counseling and career development, and they asked questions about John Gotmann and indicators of divorce, which I had never heard of. They also asked about Propiniquity and Ipsative assessment, and lots of standard error of measurement questions(along with lots of existential therapy questions, for some reason). So the provided practice tests were a big help - especially the interactive case studies! Thanks a bunch.
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