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Just wanted to thank you. Ordered 24 hour access to your program this past weekend. Took the exam today and passed with flying colors. great resource! thank you

I just wanted you to know that I passed both my NCMHCE and my NCE exam! I give the credit to your site, and am extremely grateful I subscribed! Hands down, the best money I Have spent in the past 2 months!

Dr. Hutchinson: I just want to thank you for your help with the NCE exam and I passed! I thank you so much the entire site was just what I needed. I have passed on your site to friends and colleagues. Thank you again!

Dear Linton, I just want to tell you how much I appreciate what your program did for me...I PASSED my NCE today! I scored 131 correct out of 160. I am convinced that it was your program which took the fear out of the unknown. Every style of question was represented in your practice exams. I laughed out a couple of times because a few of the questions were simply like a deja vu experience. Thank you again for all the time and effort you put into this program; it is worth every penny and then some. Blessings and I will see you again for the NCMHCE.

Hi Doc, I wrote you several months ago after I passed my comps at St. Mary's University in San Antonio, and now I write again to tell you that after more than 8 weeks of waiting, I finally learned that I passed the NCE with 123 out of 160 questions answered correctly. Passing score was 94. Your service was indispensable. Thank you again! I have already referred classmates to it and will have no fear of doing so in the future. Live long and prosper!

My site provided me with ear plugs, we were not allowed to wear coats or scarves (so when planning your layered look for changeable temperature during the exam, don't count on a scarf!), we were not allowed to keep our wallets available (personal items went into a locked bag that we could request to have unlocked during the exam if necessary so if you need an inhaler or chapstick, you can get it but not without permission), do not reach into your pockets for any reason (someone else during the exam went to get a cough drop out of her pants pocket and was disqualified as a result), the proctor did not sit with us although she was always available outside the room and we were being watched on CCT.

Thank you, I passed my test today! Your study materials were very beneficial. Your recent materials were so very similar, I couldn't believe it. I felt so very prepared.

Hi Dr. Hutchinson, I am writing to tell you I PASSED the NCE on my first attempt! Your website was a HUGE help! I will definitely recommend it to friends and colleagues that will be taking these exams! Thank you again for all of your help (suspending my subscription and creating an awesome study guide website!).

I am not sending a question I just wanted to let you know that I passed my NCE because I purchased 1 week of your online exams! I scored a 116 and I am very pleased!

Dear Linton, Thank you again for providing me with the tools to pass the exam. I had failed the exam twice before finding your program, despite studying intensively. Discouraged and down hearted, I decided to give your program a try. You personally called me and I voiced my concern of failing again. I remember your words This has no reflection on your competencies. I realized right away that you were right. I have done so much for others with my dedication and skills. Why would I let this exam get me down? So with determination, I tried again. Your daily e-mails gave me continued support and encouragement. It meant so much to me that you really cared that I would pass! I am a visual learner. What worked best for me was to print your questions and answers and I placed them into a large 3 ring binder folder. I took it with me everywhere I went and studied when I had a few extra moments. I arranged the questions into sections, such as Human Growth, Career, Research, etc., and added other important information that you provided. I actually enjoyed studying your material on-line as you made it fun. I was encouraged when I gradually saw improvement on my scores. I enjoyed the fun quizzes and the stress relieving games (bug on a wire) when I needed to take a small break. While taking the exam, I felt confident because I knew the material! I used several of the suggested strategies that I learned from your section on scenarios and making the right selection. Also, remembering your advice: cause no harm to client, do not act alone, and refer when needed, got me through many questions. I am part of a supervision group of colleagues that also need to take the exam. You can bet that I will recommend your program! At this moment, saying thank you does not seem enough!
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