Basic Tasks of a Group Leader:

1. Create the machinery of therapy
2. Set the machinery of therapy in motion
3. Keep the machinery of therapy operating effectively
4. Remember that no technique takes precedence over "CHASE" - the core conditions of charm, honesty, acceptable self-disclosure (limited), and empathy
5. Build culture of group
6. Activate and illuminate the here-and-now

Creation/Maintenance of a Group:

1. Preparation before the group begins is crucial
2. Gate keeping
3. Stability
4. Unification - the therapist is the primary unifying force
5. Deterring anti-cohesiveness - continued tardiness, absences, subgrouping, disruptive extra group formation
6. Socialization, scapegoating
7. The more members want time, the more energy the group will have
8. Effective management of a person who tries to take over: "I wonder what hunches you have about how the two new members might be feeling today."
9. Physical survival of the group takes precedence