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This site was EVERYTHING!!! I passed easily because of this site. Very similar to the test.

Just wanted to write to let you know I passed! Thanks for the great site!

I took the exam yesterday and not only did I pass, I crushed it. I began studying for this test while taking the comps three months ago and used Rosenthat's Counselor Encyclopedia studying guide in preparation. I passed the comps no problem but found that this guide was not at all helpful in the types of test questions presented in both the comps and NCC test question examples I reviewed (on the site) before the purchase of this program. Rosenthal is great for info but its shortcoming is in how the questions are asked. Now for the good part....this study guide is very similar to the test questions given in the NCC exam. Also, the information provided in daily content, review, and quizzes were similarly structured to that of the exam. AWESOME. Do not get me wrong, this test is hard but with the strategies and techniques provided in this study guid,e I was able to deduce correct answers from answers that were considered possibilities. I subscribed to this site for 40 days and although a bit pricy, it was with every penny. I also studied quite a bit, at least 2 to 4 hours a day for that 40 days so....you need to utilize it for all its worth. I highly recommend this study guide to anyone taking the NCCE. Thanks!

I studied hard for one month using only this website and I passed the first time. It was a tough exam, but this site offers everything you need in order to pass. I honestly know that without studying I would not have passed.

ahhhhhh! I passed the exam yesterday! There is absolutely no way I would have passed if it wasn't for this site. Take those quizzes, read the study materials provided, go over the videos, everything you can to prepare and you will nail it! I was so nervous and almost had a dang heart attack clicking that "submit" button on the computer to finalize my exam! I am so proud of my accomplishment and you can be too. :)

I work full time, am married and have two teenagers. I signed up on this site 9 weeks prior to taking the exam and have not been exposed to the theories and detailed technical terms that I learned from my Master's graduation in 2011. I do work full time as a Mobile Mental Health therapist with kids and Autistic adults. My company evaluates the kids apart from me. I write the treatment plans. I say all this to explain that I used the site as much as I could, but often did not even get the 100% in and never made it past the 50% mark. I stopped studying the 10 days prior to my test and resigned myself to take advantage of your guarantee. I expected to fail on Saturday. When I got into the test room, I forgot all my pneumonic devices and resorted to simply writing out the testing tips which you provided. It took me almost the full two hours as I read the questions out loud. To my shock, I passed. Please use this testimonial and feel free to call me. I am recommending you to everyone I can. Thanks a ton... off to apply for my LPC now.

Passed on my first attempt!!! I absolutely hate tests, but I destroyed the NCE! Thank you so much. I went through the whole online course and saved the 4 hour test for last. Once i completed that I took the 4 hour test again. Then went back and answered missed questions. This online program alongside Rosenthal's encyclopedia and boot camp. A+++ Highly recommended website. Have already recommend to colleagues.

I wish I would have known about this website 10 years ago. I took the exam 10 years ago and did not pass by 2 points. I took it again approximately 6 years ago and missed it again by 2 points. I found your website studied took the exam on Thursday October 13th, 2016 and passed!!!! I am so thankful for this website. It truly helped and I am encouraging all Master Degree Counselors to take a look and try you all! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!

Hi Linton, I wanted to thank-you for these inspirationals! I passed my exam today! I couldn’t have done it without your test prep questions! Thanks,

Hello, I purchased the 1-day access on January 16th for a January 17th NCE test date. I just want to say that it was an evening well spent -- cutoff score was 87, and I made a 125. Thanks for your help!
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