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First off, let me explain how bad my test anxiety has been in my life. In high school, I bombed the SAT and ACT and went to community college and then a state school. In undergrad, I was a double major and on Dean's list. I took the GRE. Bombed it. I got into grad school and failed the CPCE the first time. So, here comes my licensure exam. Are you ready for this? The first time I took it...I PASSED!!!! Greatest feeling of accomplishment. I owe it ALL to you guys. This website prepared me for the exam. I felt the exam was easier than the simulations. With the material, simulations and Dr. Carr's videos, I felt well versed and well prepared. Thank you so much!!! I sincerely couldn't have done it without you.

I took the test yesterday after studying with this site for only a week (I only had a week between scheduling my exam and my exam date), I passed! And not only did I pass, I passed with 40 more points than I needed. This site does an amazing job of having a little bit of everything you need to know for the exam, because seriously the exam is a little bit of everything. The test strategy tips were also super helpful and I know they helped me answer those random theory questions.

I took the exam yesterday and not only did I pass, I crushed it. I began studying for this test while taking the comps three months ago and used Rosenthat's Counselor Encyclopedia studying guide in preparation. I passed the comps no problem but found that this guide was not at all helpful in the types of test questions presented in both the comps and NCC test question examples I reviewed (on the site) before the purchase of this program. Rosenthal is great for info but its shortcoming is in how the questions are asked. Now for the good part....this study guide is very similar to the test questions given in the NCC exam. Also, the information provided in daily content, review, and quizzes were similarly structured to that of the exam. AWESOME. Do not get me wrong, this test is hard but with the strategies and techniques provided in this study guid,e I was able to deduce correct answers from answers that were considered possibilities. I subscribed to this site for 40 days and although a bit pricy, it was with every penny. I also studied quite a bit, at least 2 to 4 hours a day for that 40 days so....you need to utilize it for all its worth. I highly recommend this study guide to anyone taking the NCCE. Thanks!

I passed the exam today because of the usefulness of this site! Best study prep around!

Thanks to the 60 day subscription of endless practice exams and videos I PASSED the NCE first time! I needed a score of 93 and earned 108...15 more correct answers than needed to pass. I highly recommend this site if your goal is to pass the NCE on the first take. I will also add, I've been out of school for 5 yrs and on July 22, 2017 I DID IT!!

I studied hard for one month using only this website and I passed the first time. It was a tough exam, but this site offers everything you need in order to pass. I honestly know that without studying I would not have passed.

ahhhhhh! I passed the exam yesterday! There is absolutely no way I would have passed if it wasn't for this site. Take those quizzes, read the study materials provided, go over the videos, everything you can to prepare and you will nail it! I was so nervous and almost had a dang heart attack clicking that "submit" button on the computer to finalize my exam! I am so proud of my accomplishment and you can be too. :)

I passed my test today! I could not have done it without the help of your website! Thank you!!

I took my test yesterday and passed with flying colors.  The simulations on your website were harder than the actual test.  The test was an absolute breeze.  Don't get me wrong, I had test jitters, but I was confident because of the time I took to study and do your simulations.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  Now I will be able to drop the I from my credentials and be a CPC!! How exciting!!!!

I was very hopeful in passing the NCE exam last month but was unsuccessful. I purchased material from this site that appear to be helpful and challenging but the exam questions where quiet different therefore resulting in me failing.
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